Headshot of Lanny Cornwell


Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Lanny is well known for his passionate pursuit of excellence within organizations.  As CEO, he draws on his 15+ years of experience initiating and delivering sustained results and effective change for clients across a wide range of industries including Government, Technology, and Healthcare to lead the cadence of Digital Mobilizations Inc.  Lanny is adept with the design and leadership of initiatives that cross organizational boundaries to deliver enterprise-focused mission benefit.  Early in his career, Lanny had the opportunity to lead operational teams – ones that focused on “getting the job done”.  This experience producing outcomes, not just adhering to process, helped shape his unique ability to identify the organizational, operational, and technological facets necessary for success.  From there, Lanny crafted his career around making a difference and pursuing areas of passion – enterprise strategy and modernization of mission capabilities.  Lanny leads DMI through a customer-focused lens and moves with a sense of urgency to match the cadence of our mission-critical customer organizations.